Products, Services & Classes

Products and Service List

Products and Services include but are NOT limited to the following. Sky's the limit, I do my best to accommodate all kinds of requests! Please make sure to visit our online store to purchase gifts and more!

Weddings, Ceremonies, Events and Celebrations of any kind - call to schedule a free consultation!


Custom Signage

Decor Rentals 

Every Day Arrangements

Hanging and artistic installations/Photoshoot accents



Holiday Decor

Personal flowers (prom, etc)

FREE CONSULTATIONS (site visit included)

Proposal, Set Up, Repurpose, Rental, Removal


Installation and Removal

Parties and Classes

Classes are available for all ages, design skill and horticultural interest. Whether you want to design an arrangement, flower crown, terrarium, houseplant garden or even learn how to preserve flowers, any party or class can be tailored to your interest. We can go wherever the party is (in person classes at the shop up to 12 people).

Click here to view and register for scheduled classes!

Pricing for private parties (sales tax to be added to all pricing):

Children (ages 6-17): 

*At least 1 adult supervisor must be present for the class. 

Adults (18+):

**All parties are required to have a minimum of 5 people. Group rates are available at 10 people

Private Class Details:

Party or Class Ideas (age dependent)

Other classes available at different rates and more lesson driven:

Call or email for more info or to get planning!

Preservation Style List

**not all molds are suited for full flowers but can be made with petals and pieces or pigment/glitters/gold flake.

Check back periodically for new molds.

Ring Holders: 

small cone

large cone

small geometric

large geometric



tea light candle holders (with or without tealights)

Shot Flight

Wine bottle and 2 glass caddy


round with/without holder

square with/without holder


book ends


rings, earrings, other jewelry

square display

heart display



mushroom w/ lid

small dish tray

large trays with handles

mini containers

wooden frame or box

container of your choice (or provided)

Recommended Vendors


Norman I. Graham

Notarize With Norm/Wed By Norm




More Coming Soon! 

Please reach out if you would like to be added to this list