About La Fiorella

Who is La FEE or Ella?

I'm so glad you asked! I'm Brittany and I am the heart of La Fiorella. It's pronounced LA-FEE-OR-ELLA which translates to "the little flower" in Italian. Yes, I could have picked a name everyone can pronounce, but that would be boring. Being the heart, I put so much love into everything I create because I have a passion for plants and an appreciation for every single, little flower. 

I have been in the floral and horticultural industry since I was 15 years old. My first job was at a flower shop cleaning buckets, sweeping floors and taking trash out. I took advantage of every opportunity to play with the extra flowers, practice making bows and learning the business. I was able to learn from many old school florists and some innovative, new school florists. 

After high school, I decided to take the plunge out of business classes and into to something I was passionate about - horticulture. The Horticulture/Business program required students to complete an internship. What better way to apply my understanding of Horticulture and Business than to start a business!? So that's what I did, just to prove I could. 

Still, I felt there was more to learn. I needed to immerse myself into another industry - Plantscaping. Interior plantscaping, specifically. I have learned so much from this industry and I have an even bigger appreciation for plants than I ever have before, especially tropicals and houseplants. Just don't ask my what my favorite is. It's an IMPOSSIBLE question to answer!

Beyond the flowers and the plants, I am a designer. I have always loved art and color and crafting. Figuring things out brings such satisfaction. I enjoy the challenge of trying to do something different. I encourage clients to be receptive to out of the box, new and different creations. 

Now for the sappy part! I couldn't have gotten this far without my the support from my friends, family and especially my hubby and son. A large part of this business was lifted off of the ground from word of mouth. I am beyond grateful. If you've gotten this far, I thank you and I hope you feel the love from every little flower you receive!